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Fairfield Arbor

Inside Dimensions
50”W x 24”D x 80.5”H
w/ 4” Sq. Pos

Livingston Arbor

Inside Dimensions 42”W x 20”D x 87” H
w/ 2” x 3.5” Sq. Posts

Newport Arbor

Inside Dimensions 50”W x 23.875”D x 87.5” H
w/ 4” Sq. Post

Westhaven Arbor

Inside Dimensions 50”W x 20”D x 81.75”H
w/ 2” x 3.5” Posts


Nantucket Deluxe Arbor

Inside dimensions 52” W x 22”D x 95”H
w/ 4” Sq. Post

We can also build you a custom Arbor.
Just give us a call to speak with one of our experienced representatives.

Classic Arbor

Item NameDescriptionPrice
10'x10' Classic Arbor10'x10' Classic Arbor$797
10'x14' Classic Arbor10'x14' Classic Arbor$1,087
10'x18' Classic Arbor10'x18' Classic Arbor$1,402
10'x26' Classic Arbor10'x26' Classic Arbor$1,911
14'x14' Classic Arbor14'x14' Classic Arbor$1,215
14'x18' Classic Arbor14'x18' Classic Arbor$1,508
14'x26' Classic Arbor14'x26' Classic Arbor$2,109
18'x18' Classic Arbor18'x18' Classic Arbor$0
18'x26' Classic Arbor18'x26' Classic Arbor$0

Modern Arbor

Item NameDescriptionPrice
8'x8' Modern Arbor8'x8' Modern Arborn/a
8'x12' Modern Arbor8'x12' Modern Arborn/a
8'x16' Modern Arbor8'x16' Modern Arborn/a
8'x24' Modern Arbor8'x24' Modern Arborn/a
12'x12' Modern Arbor12'x12' Modern Arborn/a
12'x16' Modern Arbor12'x16' Modern Arborn/a
12'x24' Modern Arbor12'x24' Modern Arborn/a
16'x16' Modern Arbor16'x16' Modern Arborn/a
16'x24' Modern Arbor16'x24' Modern Arborn/a

Arbor Ends

Item NameDescriptionPrice
8" Arbor End2x8" Arbor End$17
8" Arbor End2x6" Arbor End$14
8" Arbor End2x3.5" Arbor End$11
8" Arbor End7/8x3" Arbor EndN/A
8" Arbor End1.5"x1.5" Arbor EndN/A
12" Arbor End2x8" Arbor End$72
12" Arbor End2x6" Arbor End$42
12" Arbor End2x3.5" Arbor End$36
12" Arbor End7/8x3" Arbor EndN/A
12" Arbor End1.5"x1.5" Arbor EndN/A
16" Arbor End2x8" Arbor End$96
16" Arbor End2x6" Arbor End$56
16" Arbor End2x3.5" Arbor End$48
16" Arbor End7/8x3" Arbor End$20
16" Arbor End1.5"x1.5" Arbor End$14
24" Arbor End2x8" Arbor End$144
24" Arbor End2x6" Arbor EndN/A
24" Arbor End2x3.5" Arbor EndN/A
24" Arbor End7/8x3" Arbor EndN/A

Arbor Sleeves

24" Arbor End1.5"x1.5" Arbor EndN/A
Item NameDescriptionPrice
2" x 3 1/2" Sleeve2" x 3 1/2" Sleeve$3 per foot
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