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VEKAdeck PVC Decking

Veka Deck Outdoor Living Products
Product Benefits

  • Resists Fading looks beautiful season after season without all the costly maintenance.
  • Insect Resistant 100% PVC Blend is impervious to insects.
  • Splinter-Free PVC Compound will not splinter, flake or peel.
  • Dimensionally Stable Patented formulation expands and contracts less than 0.05% allows for end to end butt joints.
  • Slip Resistant Surface Attractive embossed wood grain anti-skid surface is slip resistant when wet or dry. Never Hot, Always comfortable to touch.
  • Fire Resistant VEKAdeck™ self extinguishes in the event of fire.
  • Water Resistant VEKAdeck™ will not absorb moisture making it ideal for high humidity and marine environments such as boat docks and pools.
  • Low-Maintence Never needs painting or sealing
  • Easy To Install Works as easily as traditional lumber using basic hand and power tools.
  • Easily Fastened Easily accepts nails, deck screws or hidden fasteners.
  • Light Weight Cellular extrusion process yields low specific gravity making VEKAdeck™ lighter than wood and composite materials.
  • Easy To Clean Impervious to the most common environmental contaminates and cleans with mild soap and water.
  • Environmentally Friendly PVC is a recyclable material and saves our precious forest resources from being depleted. Because VEKAdeck™ is UV and water resistant, chemical treatments are not necessary. Safe for kids to play on.
BrandCollectionColor NamePriceSize
VEKAdeck PVC DeckingStandard CollectionWhite$4.25L/FT
VEKAdeck PVC DeckingStandard CollectionAlmond$4.25L/FT
VEKAdeck PVC DeckingStandard CollectionKhaki$4.25L/FT
VEKAdeck PVC DeckingStandard CollectionGray$4.25L/FT
VEKAdeck PVC DeckingStandard CollectionMocha$4.25L/FT
VEKAdeck PVC DeckingStandard CollectionWalnut$4.25L/FT
VEKAdeck PVC DeckingSignature CollectionCayenne$4.50L/FT
VEKAdeck PVC DeckingSignature CollectionEspresson$4.50L/FT
VEKAdeck PVC DeckingSignature CollectionHazelnut$4.50L/FT
VEKAdeck PVC DeckingSignature CollectionStorm$4.50L/FT

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